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By Hampton Roads Foot and Ankle Specialists
August 27, 2018
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Did I Sprain My Ankle?

woman with ankle painAnkle sprains occur when ligaments that connect the bones in the ankle and foot tear. If treated properly, your ankle will heal well, allowing safe return to activity. Dr. Sara Bouraee and Dr. Mahmoud Salem of Hampton Roads Foot and Ankle Specialists, with offices in Williamsburg and Hampton, VA, offer treatments for ankle sprains. Here are five signs you've sprained your ankle.

1. Pain- An ankle sprain can be painful and can make it hard to carry out your daily activities. You may also feel discomfort or pain when you place weight on the affected area. The pain can worsen when the area is pressed and during walking or standing. if your ankle is painful to walk on, be sure to see your podiatrist. 

2. Redness- A sprained ankle can cause redness and warmth around the affected area. If your ankle is red, warm and swollen it is inflamed. Redness and warmth is caused by increased blood flow to the area. 

3. Swelling- when an ankle is injured with a sprain, swelling occurs. Swelling in the body’s normal protective response to an injury. Swelling occurs because of increased fluid in the tissue. This is a normal reaction of the body and is the start of the healing process. However, oftentimes, the body produces more swelling than necessary. 

4. Bruising- An ankle sprain causes bruising around the affected joint. A contusion, commonly known as a bruise, is made up of blood beneath the skin. A bruise results in a discoloration of the skin. Bruising is typically a result of injury to the blood vessels in the skin.

5. Stiffness- An ankle sprain causes stiffness and limited range of motion. Inflammation and pain often limit movement after the injury. Your doctor may advise against moving the ankle to allow your ankle to heal. Your doctor may also design an exercise program to reduce stiffness after an ankle sprain. 

If you have an ankle sprain, we can help you today. Call Hampton Roads Foot and Ankle Specialists at 757-220-3311 to schedule an appointment in Williamsburg, VA, Call 757-224-7605 to schedule an appointment in Hampton, VA.

By Hampton Roads Foot and Ankle Specialists
October 09, 2017
Category: Foot Care
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Following an ankle injury or ankle surgery, you’ll inevitably lose some strength and range of motion from being immobilized for an extended period of time. A weak ankle can hinder normal mobility, and even lead to another injury. So what can you do to strengthen your ankle and get back to your old self again?

Strengthening Your Ankle

Your ankle or leg may feel stiff, especially if your treatment required wearing a cast or a walking boot. Stiffness and instability are common symptoms following an ankle injury that will need to be addressed in order to get you back to your normal range of motion and activity level.

Your podiatrist may recommend post-injury physical therapy or home exercises that will help you strengthen weak muscles surrounding the ankle joint and restore mobility to lower your risk of reinjury. These include range of motion exercises for the injured ankle, which help loosen stiff ankles, and stretching exercises for the calf muscles, which help decrease your risk of hurting your ankle again. As with all exercises, progress slowly and discontinue if painful. Pain is most certainly not gain when it comes to physical therapy!

Choosing the Right Shoes

The shoes you wear will also play an important role in protecting your injured ankle and restoring your mobility. Supportive shoes will provide more comfort, better balance and help stabilize the weak ankle to prevent re-injury. Stay off high heels or flats and flip flops without support until your ankle is completely mended.

Proper care and rehabilitation following an ankle injury is critical to ensure your ankle fully heals. Always consult your podiatrist if ankle pain or stiffness persists or worsens and before starting any new exercise program.

By Hampton Roads Foot and Ankle Specialists
March 02, 2017
Category: Foot Health
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An ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries to the ankle, resulting from a fall or a sudden twist that forces the ligaments out of their normal position. It’s no wonder so many athletes suffer from ankle sprains every year.

The severity of an ankle sprain depends on whether the ligament is stretched, partially torn or completely torn. Look for the following symptoms if you think you have sprained your ankle:

  • Immediate pain at the site of the tear
  • Immediate swelling
  • Hearing or feeling something tear, pop or snap during the twist
  • Bruising
  • Pain and difficulty moving the ankle
  • Inability to walk or bear weight on the ankle

Treating Your Ankle Sprain

Early treatment of a sprained ankle can improve the recovery time and minimize symptoms. The following steps will reduce swelling and help alleviate pain until you can get into our office.

  • Rest: Stay off your ankle as much as possible. This will ease the pain, as well as reduce the swelling.
  • Ice: It’s critical to ice your injured ankle throughout the day for the first 24 hours or until the swelling goes down.
  • Compression: Elastic wraps, such as an ACE bandage, will help reduce swelling.
  • Elevation: Rest your ankle above the level of your heart to keep swelling to a minimum.  

Preventing Injuries to the Ankle

With extra care, you can help avoid ankle injuries.

  • Wear appropriate shoes for each activity
  • Throw out old, worn out shoes
  • Be cautious of wet, slippery floors at work or at home
  • Wear ankle braces or have your ankle taped during sports activities for increased stability

If you’ve injured your ankle and are experiencing pain or difficulty walking, come into our office for an examination and proper diagnosis. If an ankle sprain is not treated promptly with the necessary attention and care, chronic problems of pain and instability may result. Our podiatrists can recommend a treatment plan based on the severity of the sprain to ensure proper healing and a fast recovery.

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