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July 13, 2017
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Foot problems can crop up anytime and often when we least expect it. Don’t let a foot problem throw you off guard. Our Williamsburg, VA,Common Foot Issues podiatrists Dr. Sara Bouraee and Dr. Mahmoud Salem are here to offer up some insight into some rather common foot problems and how you may want to handle them if they ever happen to you.

Athlete’s Foot

Since fungus is all around it it’s fairly common for most people to face a fungal foot infection at some point during their lifetime. While some infections may spread to the toenails, athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that affects the skin of the feet. You may notice that the skin, particularly between the toes, is red, scaly, itchy, peeling or burning. These symptoms can be intense at times and can continue to spread throughout the foot.

How to treat it: While symptoms are pretty annoying, this condition is not really a cause for concern if you are an otherwise healthy individual. In fact, athlete’s foot can often be treated with an over-the-counter antifungal cream that you can get from your local pharmacist. If you have diabetes, if your symptoms are severe or if symptoms persist even after treating the problem with at-home medications, then it’s time to visit our Williamsburg, VA, foot doctors.


A bunion is a deformity of the joint that’s situated at the base of the big toe and it causes the bone to jut out. As a result, it can make wearing shoes or walking around more painful. A bunion is a progressive condition but there are certain measures you can take early on to prevent it from getting worse. While a bunion will only go away if you have surgery to repair it, most people can manage their symptoms without ever needing to resort to surgery.

How to treat it: If you have a bunion, make sure that you are wearing shoes that give your toes a lot of room to wiggle and move around. Shoes should never put additional pressure on the bunion. You can also wear a protective moleskin pad over the bunion before putting on shoes to offer more protection.

Heel Pain

While there are many problems that can lead to heel pain, the most common cause is an inflammatory condition known as plantar fasciitis. This is when the band of tissue running along the soles of the feet becomes inflamed. This is typically the result of overuse or strain.

How to treat it: Heel pain will often go away on its own as long as you avoid certain high-impact activities that could irritate the inflamed tissue more. Splinting the foot can also provide some stabilization and support for the heel and the arches to reduce pain and discomfort. If heel pain is severe or doesn’t respond to at-home treatment then we may recommend corticosteroid injections, shockwave therapy or even surgery to treat the problem.

Hampton Roads Foot and Ankle Specialists in Williamsburg, VA, is dedicated to providing you with the ultimate in foot care. Whether you want to discuss your bunion treatment options or you want to figure out how to get rid of your heel pain, we are always here to help.


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